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The Lumparov House offers six rooms on two floors – three triples and three doubles, accommodating a total of 15 guests or up to 18 if necessary. The rooms on the upper floor open up to a large hall, which leads to a balcony offering spectacular views of the little town. Through the stained glass window above the balcony door, the sun paints amazing figures all day long.

Each room is different in the individual features of its interior – the ornaments on the edgings, the color palette of the fabrics, the decoration on the furniture. The overall atmosphere has been created by prominent artists and designers: Elena Krivoshieva embellished the walls with beautiful floral motifs; Yasen Panov designed the furniture and the cellar’s interior, decorating it with unique glass icons; Bogomil and Iliana Peykov created the stunning stained glass door in the hall, while the paintings of naivist artist Todor Marinov adorn the walls.