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Melnik – a museum town, a town where history and legend meet, the smallest town in Bulgaria...

Melnik is situated in the south-western part of the country. With population of only 300 people, it is the smallest town in Bulgaria, located in a mountainous region at 437 meters above sea level. A small brook, left tributary to the Struma river, runs through it. From the town, hikers and nature lovers can follow a marked trail through picturesque areas to reach the Melnik pyramids. Melnik is also the starting point for the trails to Pirin and Malina Chalets, as well as for a few other interesting tourist trails. Walking around the surrounding area, tourists can find dozens of sand caves. Many people who once lived in this town had their own cellars and made their own wine. It is amazing how populous and bustling Melnik used to be in the past and how small it is nowadays.